I’ll do my best to keep your family's sleep goals and doctor's advice in mind when creating your plan. You know your child more than I do and I'll be willing to learn as much as I can to help make our experience nothing less than amazing! I'll always be honest, prompt and kind to every client I work with.


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Waylon, 5 months old.


“8 hours of sleep. That is what you will get when you hire Kayla. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? I didn’t believe it either until our first night working with her. My son slept every three hours verses every hour and man oh man was that great. Who knew that within that first week, he would start sleeping ALL NIGHT! Not to mention in his OWN room & in his OWN crib. If you are struggling with sleep, hire Kayla!

Kayla goes above and beyond in every regard. I could not have done this without her. Her communication is top notch. She ensures that you always feel connected and that your making the best decision for your baby. Her method is clear and focused, which allows baby to quickly establish a routine. His mood is so much better when he sleeps throughout the day/night. I would highly recommend her services as our little one has quickly adopted her sleep practices and has allowed us to get into a healthy routine.”

 Brittany + JJ Hardin, Happy Parents of Waylon pictured above.



Kayla is PHENOMENAL! Not only did she help us with our new sleep routine, she was there any time I reached out and was SO helpful. She was readily available to help and give advice. Her program truly works! I would HIGHLY recommend her and her services if your little one is struggling with any sleep issues!

-Amanda Sberna. Mother of Tripp, 19 months old. KY, USA.

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We have struggled with Jayce’s sleep since he was born. A lot of it was our fault for creating bad habits and being worriers. But after 16 months of not sleeping through the night a single time, I had lost it. I was a walking zombie every day and Jayce was crabby and unrested and it just took a lot out of us and our relationship as a family. After trying a few sleep training methods and not having complete luck, I threw in the towel and made the best decision ever. I hired a sleep consultant, Kayla Grundorf (never in a million years I would’ve thought I’d do that) . After just ONE night of Kayla’s program, Jayce was going in his crib awake, putting himself to sleep, and sleeping 11-12 straight hours. And on top of that, he is taking 2-3 hour naps on his own, in his crib!! It is a miracle! Now Scott and I have our bed back and Jayce has his own space and we all get our much needed rest. 

If you have a child in your family not getting the sleep they need(ANY AGE), contact Kayla. She is Amazing and sooo helpful!! 

Now Jayce is an official Keep Asleep with Kayla Graduate.

-Natalie and Scott, Happy Parents of Jayce, Pictured above. KY, USA

Kate, 7 months old.

Kate, 7 months old.

We are so glad we found Kayla! We had followed the Sleep Sense program for a few months, but were still having trouble with naps and night wakings. Once we reached out to Kayla, that all changed! Now our baby is taking two great naps daily, and sleeping 11-12 hours through the night. She is so much happier, and we are too! Kayla was so responsive to all of our emails, and worked hard to find solutions that worked for our family. I would recommend Kayla to any parent who is looking for good rest for the whole family!

- Happy Well rested mom: Linnea, Cumming, GA, USA

My son Vishnu Modi was a great sleeper from age month 1-4. He had started sleeping through the night at age 1-1.5 and he napped like a champ in the day time. We considered ourselves blessed, because God knew I needed the sleep.

It all changed when I went back to work around 4 months of age; he started waking up in the night, once or twice. Initially what seemed like a hunger call became a habitual waking in the night.

In addition to that he had quit being a great napper during the day time. His naps only lasted 30 mins to 45 mins. We would be lucky if he ever went past 1 hour. Fortunately none of the sleeping habits affected his feeds or solid food intake. I was desperate to seek help because I felt like I was at loss. I wanted to establish a routine and a good sleeping habit from a young age. More so I wanted him to be an independent sleeper (I have a 8 year old who still needs us to put him to bed because we never sleep trained him). 

I started reading about CIO method and sleep training (I was new to this training thing). When he was age 7 months, I used the CIO method to kick the nightly wakings. I was successful with night time schedule, but I was seeking more help with the overall day and night schedule, play time, nap time and feeds. I was getting concerned over using bottle to pacify him to sleep. There was a strong association between his falling asleep and his milk bottle.

After much contemplation and reading about Sleep sense program, I contacted Kayla to help us and our son with sleep training.

She came to our home to chat with us and discuss our needs. She established a schedule that suited our lifestyle and so that Vishnu would get adequate sleep. She suggested some changes to his bedroom like room darkening, taking away extra distractions from his crib such as a crib mobile and use of red light if we had to use the night light. Once we implemented these changes, to my surprise, Vishnu started taking 1-2 hour naps each nap time and sleeping at least 11 hours through the night.

Of course there are days when he will have short naps or less than 11 hours night sleep cycle, but nonetheless he has learned to self soothe himself to sleep and he’s learning the importance of discipline from an early age. In the mornings, he usually patiently waits for us to get him until we are ready to take him out of his crib. 

Sleep training Vishnu was the best money I spent on him. Kayla is very flexible with time, helpful, cognizant of a mother’s tight schedule and prompt with her response time. I am forever thankful to Kayla for helping us with Vishnu’s sleep training.

-From well rested and happy Mother, Khushbu Modi. Vishnu 9 months old. Georgia, USA