Bedtime Support + Package- Full night

Bedtime Support + Package- Full night


Made for parents who would benefit from 12 hours of in-home support during bedtime in your home on the first night plus our sleep plan for 2 or 3 weeks.

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In-Home – $2,500

This package includes:

Private 30-minute Pre-Call Consultation

During this call we will discuss the ideal schedule for your little one, strategies for building solid bedtime routines, tackle naptime issues, night-wakings, or any other specific concerns you might have about the proposed plan. I will help you build the foundation you need to teach your child how to be a great sleeper! 

A Sleep Goals Plan

Will outline a plan to address your child’s individual needs and will provide you with clear, easy to follow steps to teach your child healthy sleep habits.

Private In-Home Reinforcement

I will arrive at your home one (1) hour before your child’s bedtime to help guide you through the sleep plan process and will stay for a total of twelve (12) hours. I will provide a bedroom assessment, we will walk through the bedtime routine together and I will be there to support you during any night-wakings. 

Four (4) Follow Up 15-Minute Phone Calls

While implementing the proposed plan, we will use these calls to answer any general questions or deal with any setbacks you might be having.

One (1) Week of Follow Up Emails

Once we move into the second week of the plan, we will correspond via email for any outstanding questions or concerns. You will be allowed 2 emails per day.

Resource Guide

When you have successfully achieved your child’s sleep goals and our time together ends, I will provide you with a “how to” on a variety of possible sleep obstacles. These include decreasing naps, handling illness, traveling with children and making the Daylight Savings move. This will ensure you have everything you need to be successful as you move forward in your sleep journey.