Additional Support Services

Additional Support Services

from 50.00

If you could use the additional help throught text message or an extra week of email support, than this is for you.

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These packages include:

Text Messaging Support for Night One - $150

Includes unlimited texting to me directly from 6:00PM to midnight the 1st night you implement the customized sleep plan.

One (1) Additional Week of Email Support - $100

This is a good option if you feel you just need a little more support before we say good-bye for things like improving naps or answering additional questions. It is also another great option to work through regressions, travel, illness, etc.

Siblings Packages

50% OFF the first additional child on any Sleep Package
75% OFF for subsequent children on any Sleep Package (Newborn through Toddler Packages)

Phone a Friend (30-Minute Call)- $50

Overall, does your child sleep well and only has one issue that needs to be resolved such as short naps or early morning wake ups? I would be happy to provide you with a solution during a one (1) time phone call.