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The Sleep Sense™ Program

The Sleep Sense™ Program was created by Dana Obelman, a renowned sleep expert who believes that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. Research shows that a well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn. The Sleep Sense™ Program places the emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles, rather than focusing on one right or wrong sleep training method. The sleep plan that I will create for your family is personalized based on our consultation which outlines your needs and the methods and strategies that will work best to reach your sleep goals


The Sleep Sense™ Consultant

With me as your Sleep Sense™ Consultant, the approach to improving your child’s sleep is pretty simple.


I’ll EDUCATE you about why sleep is so important for your child’s well-being. This will give you all the motivation you need to make changes to your child’s sleep habits.

I’ll SUPPORT you by creating an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that is the right approach for your child. All children are different, and nobody knows your child better than you do. I will encourage you to share this knowledge with me to help inform the customized sleep plan.

I’ll COMMUNICATE with you and show you how to measure success. No, you shouldn’t expect your child to sleep 12 uninterrupted hours on the first night — although it does happen! I’ll tell you what you should expect and be available to support you along the way.